Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Moonis Elahi Stance On Sustainable Energy Recognized

Moonis Elahi Stance On Sustainable Energy Recognized

In a recent interview in Lahore, Punjab Mines and Mineral Minister Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan has also agreed to the fact that sustainable energy is the key to a sustainable future. Moonis Elahi, a young prominent politician and a leader of PMLQ, has always raised his voice in favor of Kalabagh Dam which guarantees sustainable energy. The controversial dam has been maligned by many politicians who are known to be in good books with the neighboring country India. It is widely speculated being funded by the neighbor country, these politicians have started a drive to misguide the nation about the dam and refrain it from becoming a reality which in fact would be a blessing to the country.
At the inaugural session of consultative meeting titled "Sustainable Energy for All" by the UNDP, it was discussed that Pakistan is one of the most important countries of the world and it is time it should seriously think about sustainable energy. The need for a cheap means to obtain electricity is the need of the hour and the entire nation stands firm on it, but unless all fears and misconceptions are cleared, obtaining a reliable source would not be seen happening. Moonis Elahi has been urging the government to call a meeting where the heads of all political parties from the country would be called and strictly debate about Kalabagh Dam.
The Sustainable Energy for All aims at tackling the Goal - 7 of SDG's through a 3 pronged approach. It is a good initiative taken by the minister but Moonis Elahi fears it might just be table talk because the PMLN government does not initiate projects that would not benefit them directly. While the Nandipur Power Project turned out to be no more productive than the National Action Plan of incumbent government, it was a huge fiasco and billions of Rupees were wasted on it. The country still faces 8 - 12 hours of load shedding in the summer in urban areas whereas in the villages they are lucky to get 4 hours of electricity a day.
Moonis Elahi pointed out the fact that progressive countries like China and USA are still busy in constructing more dams over their rivers although they do not face the menace of load shedding. But due to some corrupt politicians the one and only dam which could be built after 60 years with minimum cost bearing is made controversial. Without dams Pakistan would soon be one of those countries that are constantly thirsty. If water becomes scarce, not only wouldn't we be deprived of water to drink, there would be no water to irrigate our lands and run factories.

Pakistani Rupee Will Be At All Time Low In a Decade-Moonis Elahi

Pakistani Rupee Will Be At All Time Low In a Decade

Economic prosperity is directly linked with education and Rs. 700 Million budget allocated for the Sindh education sector is a sheer mockery by the incumbent PMLN Government. Sindh education sector is under-performing and 10 years from now it will have an army of illiterates and under-educated people. Addressing the inaugural ceremony of a symposium, titled ‘International Conference on Transforming Economic Development: Policies and Strategies’, organized by the Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) at the ICCBS, Karachi University on Tuesday, said “Pakistan’s economy is likely to collapse in the next 10 years just like Greece’s”. Unless education sector is given the importance it deserves, a majority of Sindh’s population wouldn’t be able to cope with the future’s challenges.
Moonis Elahi expressed concern over the ill-treatment of education sector in Sindh. “Karachi is the hub of business in Pakistan. If it does not have proper educated people in the next 10 years, the business sector will likely fail and surely our economy will be in ruins”. During the PMLQ tenure, Pakistan on the whole witnessed a huge upsurge in the education sector with a great increase in education budget and through proper training of teachers and introduction of technology in government schools. He further said, Nawaz Sharif is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, not only Punjab and it is his duty to see that all provinces are equally treated.
Pakistan today faces many challenges such as illiteracy, poverty, corruption, inequity, energy crisis, poor governance and terrorism. The country has been divided in haves and haves-not classes. These issues have given roots to many new problems and have caused a direct negative impact on the economy. Moonis Elahi stated “N League government has failed to manage Pakistan and address its core issues. It has totally failed to accomplish the international Sustainable Development Goals”. They (PMLN) seem much concerned about constructing roads and develop housing societies that are clearly out of common man’s reach. While the nation demands attention on internal policies and good governance, the government is seen busy visiting foreign countries and pleasing Turkey and China.
Imran Khan on the other hand is a prominent leader with the country’s second biggest party but he too does not seem to be concerned about the country’s pressing issues such as educationenergy and climatic issuesThe 1 Billion tree tsunami is not enough to counter Pakistan’s climatic challenges and KPK must come forth to play an active role in promoting tourism. Moonis Elahi has raised the issue of Kalabagh Dam time and again but due to PMLN’s vindictive policies, anything presented by the opposition must be pushed under the carpet no matter how beneficial it may be for the country. Unless policies aimed for the benefit of Pakistan on the whole are not formed matters are bound to get worse and Pakistan’s economy is already at the precipice and 10 years from now, we will have an economy that would be worthless.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Moonis Elahi Says N League Govt Only Efficient In Announcing Shortfalls

Moonis Elahi Says N League Govt Only Efficient In Announcing Shortfalls

N League government on Monday confirmed the stock of petrol and diesel in the country were sufficient only for 13 - 14 days which is much lower than the average 20 days which is mandatory before announcing an emergency of shortfall. So, it is without a doubt that the country would face another petrol crisis similarly it had faced on 27 January 2015.  

Moonis Elahi is of the view that the government should learn its priorities and as a democratic government it should focus on serving the people rather than serving itself. In case the country dries up of fuel the entire nation would be shook and businesses would come to a standstill. According to figures released by the ministry of petroleum in a recent press release, the country wide stock of motor gasoline (petrol) is just at 225,674 metric tonnes (MTs) which is sufficient only for 13 days as per current average demand which is around 17,500MTs per day's requirement.  

Moonis Elahi said for a government which boasts of productivity and achievements, it is a true picture of its inefficiency and inability to rule the country. It will be the second fiasco in its tenure and Nawaz Sharif has learnt nothing from the past and still lives in a delusional world. While his Darbaris only live to laud him pointlessly the country seems to be running only by Allah.  

Moonis Elahi further pointed out, likewise, the press release stated that the countrywide stock of high speed diesel (HSD) was 466,821MTs. As per the current per day usage of HSD, which is around 27,310MTs it is only sufficient for 17 days. Owing to such incompetent rulers, the nation would have to suffer the crisis while the PM and his aides would still be roaming in their luxury cars and helicopters. The ministry has reported that two vessels carrying 17,000MTs of motor gasoline were waiting for berthing but it is unfortunate they are still on the waiting list. 

They should be offloaded on priority basis as delays in its berthing would cause a total disturbance countrywide. The ministry's worksheet revealed that the total countrywide storage capacity was around 301,593 tonnes of consumption coverage which is only sufficient for 14 days. Moonis Elahi said "This is an alarming revelation and the government must take war footing steps to increase the storage capacity. It is the capacity which was built way back in PMLQ's tenure and since then no government has focused to increase the country's fuel storage capacity."

Moonis Elahi Optimistic New Army Chief Will Be As Good As Gen Raheel

Moonis Elahi Optimistic New Army Chief Will Be As Good As Gen Raheel

As the countdown begins for a new army chief to take reins of the most powerful institution of Pakistan, COAS Gen Raheel Sharif on Monday began his last week in the office. It was a farewell round to all military formations, while speculations about who would succeed him is at nerve breaking point. With the General to step down on Nov 29, it is now the task of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to pick the next top commander to lead the nation beside him. While it is no hidden truth that the establishment has never been in Nawaz’s good books, but as the incumbent PM of the nation he will be choosing a new COAS.
Moonis Elahi hailed Gen Raheel’s decision to step down on the announced date and that he did not seek an extension as is a normal practice in the country. It is a record fourth time that Nawaz Sharif will be picking a new top commander. Moonis Elahi said “Gen Raheel has performed his duties with exceptional vigilance and will be the first ever COAS in history of Pakistan who will be the national hero”. Unlike his predecessor Gen Kayani who is known to be nothing more than a puppet of Zardari, Raheel Sharif lived up to his family name and completed his tenure in the best way possible.
Additionally, PM Sharif will also be picking another top commander, a new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff committee as another position is falling vacant with the retirement of Gen Rashad Mehmood. A tweet from Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) chief Lt Gen Asim Bajwa laid rest to all speculations about the retiring COAS. It was hyped that the top brass commander would certainly go for an extension and he wouldn’t let go of the office easily. Moonis Elahi is of the view that a tweet from the ISPR chief had laid rest to all speculations and hypes and has now removed the vacuum which was used to misguide the nation by the puppets on enemy’s pay roll.

The announcement made from military’s official media channel paved the way for the government to announce a successor. Though the prime minister is the only person who knows for sure who the successor would be, it is widely speculated that Lt Gen Ishfaq Nadeem, who is currently serving as Multan corps commander, will be named the next army chief. according to PM’s aides, he has already made up his mind and will not deter from the choice he has made. Moonis Elahi is hopeful that whoever becomes the next top commander would work for the betterment of the nation and would prove to be a key player in a better future for Pakistan.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Pakistan NAVY Displays Its Vigil Thwarts Indian Submarine Attempt To Cross Boundary

Pakistan NAVY Displays Its Vigil Thwarts Indian Submarine Attempt To Cross Boundary

Pakistan's army is recognized for its bravery and quick response at the time of distress and presently the Pakistan NAVY also displayed its exceptional skills by thwarting Indian NAVY submarine's attempt to cross the boundary. 

Moonis Elahi praised the NAVY for its exceptional display of quick response when the enemy though it was cunning enough to carry out its mission without anyone knowing it. The befitting response has clearly shown what Pakistan's protectors are capable of be it a matter of protecting the country's land, air space or seas. The nation has once again felt proud of its army and we know that whenever the enemy comes marching again it will be sent back in coffins.

It was a moment of joy and seemingly the victories of previous wars had become fresh. The nation rejoiced over the news and the Moonis Elahi official social media accounts were also the center of attention as people expressed their views and solidarity with the Pakistan NAVY. Such incidents prove that the Two Nation Theory was never wrong and people from both sides of the border still want to prove their nation is better than the other's. 

While Pakistan has always extended a hand of friendship towards India, but the latter has always come forth with bared teeth. It is evident that the neighbor has been sent a clear message that if it tries to mess with our security it will be pushed and it will be pushed hard.

PMLN Has Taken More Loans In Last 3 Years Than Ever Recorded In History

PMLN Has Taken More Loans In Last 3 Years Than Ever Recorded In History

PMLN has broken all records of the past and it has become the first ever to take $24 Billion in loanMoonis Elahi sarcastically praised the government to set a new record. The infamous "Kashkol" lives on and the incumbent government seems to have made it one of their most prized possessions. 

While on one end the PMLN media representatives glorify their supreme leader of being of the most successful PM ever, the facts go against these false claims. We can still hear Nawaz Sharif's pre election speeches ringing in our ears as if it were just yesterday when he bashed Zardari accusing him of taking the Kashkol to beg for loans, now he is doing the same but even more aggressively.

PMLQ's young politician Moonis Elahi is no mathematician or economist but when he says the economy is wrecked due to excessive debt servicing policy of the PMLN, he isn't wrong in pointing out the grave danger that lies ahead. While most seasoned politicians say they do not consider the young politicians worthy to be heard, it is the very attitude which is leading Pakistan towards its economic destruction. It is common sense that when you take loans at a hefty price and instead of repaying it, borrow some more and keep on taking loans the economy will be ruined and it will take many generations to repay the debt and live a harsh life.

Turkish president asked Nawaz Sharif to remove the entire Turkish staff and management from these schools.

Turkish president asked Nawaz Sharif to remove the entire Turkish staff and management from these schools.

Pak Turk schools are one of the finest schools in Punjab and parents of the children studying there have expressed satisfaction over the way they are run. In a recent incident the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that the NGO under which the schools are being operated have found to be linked with US based cleric Fethullah Gulen the very person who tried to impose a military coup in Turkey

Following the claim the Turkish president asked Nawaz Sharif to remove the entire Turkish staff and management from these schools. Following orders like an obedient servant the premier made haste and cancelled the visas of staff working there. Moonis Elahi expressed his view that in such matters a proper road map must be created before taking any steps that would affect the citizens.

Nawaz Sharif is known to be a personal friend with Erdogan rather than just having political friendship. the abrupt decision has shocked the nation and parents have become concerned about the quality of education in the country. A parent of children studying in a Pak Turk school campus Mr. Akbar said "the children have become mentally stressed at such a tender age following the news. 

Children get attached to their teachers and the news of them being kicked out of the country has made them sad. The PM should have handled the matter in a more sophisticated manner". Moonis Elahi has always said that the PMLN government does not care about the citizens but always works for its personal benefits and this is a very clear example. Only 2 days remain for the teachers to leave Pakistan or else they would be arrested.

Moonis Elahi Reacts to Curtailment of Punjab Gas Supply

Curtailment of Punjab Gas Supply-Moonis Elahi

Punjab houses the largest textile industry in Pakistan whose core necessity is Gas. Without it, the industry would not function properly and profits can be turned to losses. Punjab's government should ensure proper gas supply to factories even in the winter season because without the industries functioning properly many people would be unemployed. 

Moonis Elahi wonders why does CM Shahbaz Sharif fail in every winter to provide the industries with the required amount of gas to run without hindrance. Moonis Elahi Said It is the third term of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif as the CM of Punjab and he has yet again failed to address the issue with a concrete plan.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Moonis Elahi Urges Punjab Government to Favor Farmers and Agriculture problems in Pakistan

Moonis Elahi and Agriculture problems in Pakistan

As sugar cane crushing season has started, farmers from all over the province make their way to the factories in hope to get good money for their sugarcane crop harvested. But this year the farmers do not seem interested in giving their crop to the mills. Moonis Elahi says farmers have lost their trust in the current Punjab Government policy. While only Tandiwala sugar mills bought sugar cane the rest are to start buying from 25th November. Even though the date has been announced but the turnout expected was very low which rings alarm bells. If farmers do not sell their crop to the mills there could be a shortage of sugar in the country.

Moonis Elahi says the major issue is the current price announced by the government. As farmers would be paid Rs. 180 per 40 kg, only Rs. 10 per mound have been increased from the price announced last year. disheartened by the rates offered to them by the mills, farmers have started setting up Jaggery plants on their lands as its rate is Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500 per 40 kg in the market. It is the task of the CM to look into such matter and ensure that there are no monopolies played during the season. The shortfall could result in inflation and black market sales. Another huge setback for the farmers is that they do not get paid for their crops sold to the mills in time. 

A Tandiwala official claimed they would pay farmers net cash and would ensure all dues are cleared within a week. Moonis Elahi condemns the practice of sugar mills to not pay for the harvest when they are buying and rather make false promises with the poor farmers. When the poor doesn't get paid in time he gets burdened by debt which crushes his life even more. They are forced to take loans on heavy interests which makes their life a living hell. Farmers in Alipur and Jatoi are really disappointed with Haseeb Waqas mills as they have failed to clear more than Rs. 180 million they owe to the farmers for last year's crop yield.

Javaid Asif, a local farmer sated "they [Haseeb Waqas mills] have not cleared me of my previous cheque and yet they promise me of paying for the fresh crops. I have a family to feed, a land to take care of and need to pay off my debts which I had borrowed in hope of getting paid this year. How do you think I can survive when the mills aren't paying us?" Khadim Hussain, a local farmer says he has set up a Jaggery unit at home and is selling it on net payment. Last year he had sold his harvest to Fatima Sugar Mills who cleared him of his dues after 3 months. 

This year he does not intend to wait for the mills and has rather set up his own unit which brings him more profit. The young but mature politician Moonis Elahi has urged the incumbent government to look deeply into the matter and ensure farmers get paid before the matter worsens and it becomes too difficult to solve. If mills do not get sugar canes there will be a huge sugar shortfall in the country.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Moonis Elahi Expresses Grief Over Jehangir Badar's Death

Moonis Elahi Expresses Grief Over Jehangir Badar's Death

PPP's senior leader Jehangir Badar's death occurred on Sunday 13 November 2016 due to cardiac arrest. The senior leader was a close aide of Benazir Bhutto and was always in the center light whenever he stepped on the stage. Moonis Elahi expressed grief and sorrow over his death and said "despite our political differences, he was a good person and I pray may his soul rest in peace".  

Lately Jehangir Badar had reduced his political activities due to his ailment but he was still not forgotten in the political world of Pakistan. He was an avid supporter of democracy and had even been imprisoned during Gen Zia ul Haq's martial law. It is a day PPP has lost a loyal leader who never backed out even in tough times.

Moonis Elahi Says CPEC Completed Due to Gen Raheel Sharif's Efforts

Moonis Elahi Says CPEC Completed Due to Gen Raheel Sharif's Efforts

Gawadar received its first Chinese convoy on 12 Nov 2016. Moonis Elahi congratulated the people of Balochistan as the army led CPEC will surely bring prosperity in the province that has long suffered ignorance. Opening an international trade route always benefits the people of the region economically and socially. 

India tried to sabotage the project through various antics but has failed in its evil plans.
Pakistan on the whole will reap its rewards and Gen Raheel Shareef will be remembered as the cwho has helped Pakistan establish an international trade route with its closest ally China. Moonis Elahi says even the incumbent government acknowledges it was not capable to have completed the project had the army not helped.

Donald Trump Will Deport Upto 3 Million Immigrants

Donald Trump Will Deport Upto 3 Million Immigrants

As the world now eagerly awaits what will be America's new working strategy, Donald Trump the new elected president has his teeth bare against illegal immigrants living in the US. While his intentions are certainly for the benefit of his country, Moonis Elahi fears many Pakistani citizens living without documents in the US would soon be sent back home.

Moonis Elahi is of view the current government should start making arrangements before hand to receive Pakistanis deported from America. Pakistan has always wanted to have better relations with USA and our consulate in USA should work to assist all those people who would be sent back to their homeland.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

PMLN Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Misusing Powers to Grab Land

PMLN Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Misusing Powers to Grab Land

Punjab Law Minister hailing from Faisalabad Rana Sanaullah and his relatives are identified to be involved in land grabbing activities. Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) PMLQ Punjab Information Secretary Akram Chaudhry said the law minister must look at the mess in his own district before pointing fingers towards others. 

PMLQ's young leader Moonis Elahi also expressed concerns that if a minister gets involved in breaking the law, how do we expect him to uphold the law. The people look for justice towards the law minister and if his family is given a free hand to commit crimes then how can a common man expect anything from the law.

Pakistan is already a victim of lawlessness thanks to the corrupt policies of N League which is in Govt now. While the PM Nawaz Sharif's case is being heard in the Apex court of Pakistan against his undeclared wealth and investments in off shore companies, the country on the whole seems to have no rule of law. 

Street crimes have increased in Punjab and Moonis Elahi had said Former Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi had formed an exceptional police force to combat such crimes. There is evident proof that the traffic wardens had issued challans to parliament members who violated traffic laws but today no police officer has the power to stop an MPA or MNA while ministers are completely out of their reach.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Moonis Elahi Booked For Supporting Opposition

Alleging Moonis Elahi of sending truck load of sticks and party flags, Islamabad police have registered an FIR against him. As oppositions parties form alliance to pressurize incumbent Govt in corruption case and to force premier to appear before the court for accountability, situation worsens in the capital. 

PMLN is all set to use brute force against protesters. Scores of police personnel have been shifted to the capital to restrict protesters from entering the capital. Instead of taking sensible measures to cope with the worsening situation, the Govt has resort to dictatorship tactics. Moonis Elahi being a parliamentarian sitting on opposition benches in Punjab has been targeted with prejudice.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Saad Rafique's Claims Bashed by New Reports

Saad Rafique's Claims Bashed by New Reports

Since his appointment as Railway MinisterKhawaja Saad Rafique had vowed to make it one of the most profitable state owned business. Whenever asked about the progress of railways the minister would boast about how great his policies were and recently he had diverted his attention towards saving his PM on the media. Moonis Elahi and other politicians who we know are educated and have served in the government all expressed concerns about how the railways was still incurring losses and that the minister must perform his duties rather than be a spokesperson for the Nawaz Shrif Panama Gate scandal. It was high time the minister had gone back to his department and thought about actually bringing profits rather than making false statements.

The delusional bubble burst when the financial reports for fiscal year 2015 - 16 came to light. the report highlighted that only 40% of the trains were running on break even and the rest were a burden on the nation due to failed policies of the minister. A close aide to Moonis Elahi revealed that the young politician was already expecting the results that came forth through the report. The total losses recorded are Rs. 1.75 billion which is a huge setback to the economy which is already in shambles. While the N League leaders beg around the world for aid to support the economy, its ministers blow it away on fake publicity and nonproductive policies.

Moonis Elahi is further known to have said that it was nothing new to expect from the PMLN led government. Every time Nawaz Sharif and his loyalists have come into power, the nation has suffered. There is not a single department that shows signs of growth and if you pick up the reports of every project initiated or run by PMLN, the results is the same as always, only losses will be the figure at the end. When ministries are awarded on favoritism rather than merit the result will only be disastrous. To run an organization the head must be a sensible person who is loyal to the organization rather than being loyal to only the person who gifted him a position beyond his caliber.

The PTI chairman Imran Khan has always pointed out the fact that Nawaz led government is only run by fools who know how to please the PM rather than handle the departments they have been awarded. Pakistan is seemingly hijacked by the poor mentality of the people who are uneducated and think that a businessman like Nawaz Sharif can save the country. It is high time to give the educated politicians such as Moonis ElahiFatima BhuttoAsad Umar and many other notable personalities capable to lead the country a chance to redefine history and make Pakistan great again.