Friday, 6 January 2017

Moonis Elahi Says PIA Has Become A Horror Story Thanks To PMLN

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has not always been in the gutters. It was the airline whose pilots taught the pilots of the gulf countries and trained ground staff to create world leading airlines such as Emirates and Etihad. Today the national flag carrier has become the most dangerous airlines of the world because not only are the planes prehistoric, they aren't repaired properly and even the ground crew seems clueless in handling 'Mayday' responses. Moonis Elahi has expressed deep concern over the fate of the national airlines which has become a hub of corruption owing to PPP and PMLN's negative policies.

The nation now terms the PIA as flying coffins because of its unsure condition. While people do gamble with their lives while booking flights on the nation airlines, they always choose other private airlines if they can afford them. Moonis Elahi said that PIA could be once again a leading airline service only if the government focuses on its improvement rather than using it as a gold mine. There are no achievements of the institution in the last decade and the graph clearly plummets. It is time we stop interfering in its internal polices and let it become great again.